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Kingdom Kids exists to teach boys and girls about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Kingdom Kids is for students 4 years old through 6th grade. (3-year-olds will be allowed to attend Kingdom Kids in 2023-2024 ONLY if they meet one of the following criteria: Parents are members of Brister Baptist Church and/or their older siblings attended Awana last year. There will NOT be a 3-year-old class next year.

Each week, students will receive a full meal before rotating between lesson time, music time, and game time. Lessons are drawn from the Gospel Project curriculum and use engaging videos and live teaching. Over the course of about four years, students will be exposed to the entire Bible.

While game time needs no explanation, music time will reinforce the key Bible verses from the lessons by setting Scripture to catchy tunes. This aids in Scripture memorization. Students will also learn other songs and may perform these on Sundays from time to time.

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Kingdom Kids begins Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Kingdom Kids follows the Emerson school schedule. If school is dismissed on a Wednesday or closes for any reason, Kingdom Kids will be dismissed that week.

Cell phones and toys should NOT be brought to Kingdom Kids by ANY student.

Proper attire (including tennis shoes) should be worn each week.

All students must obey and respect all Kingdom Kids leaders.

Students who are ill should stay home. If they missed school or were sent home due to any illness, please do not send them to Kingdom Kids.